COURSES OFFERED: covers an array of topics that include courses from the beginner level all the way to the advanced preparedness course level.  Please review which one best suits you and/or your organization.  



4-Hour Class (includes CPR & First Aid Certification) instructors are more than excited to announce our special Urban Coyote - Avoid, Evade & Escape module now included in this course.  This class/workshop embodies the essence of the entire course offerings.  The uniqueness of this course is that not only will you learn assessment techniques and crisis management, but we cover several scenarios inside the building and out, including in a car, with visual and sound effects.  This course has been touted by local television/media outlets and was featured on ABC.

It includes a hands-on CHOKING Module, SELF-SAFETY, response to ELECTROCUTION, BODILY INJURY, POISONING, HYPOTHERMIA, and when to (or not to) emergency MUZZLE and RESTRAIN.  Some of the video clips used to enhance the experience in this class will highlight and educate the participant on recognizing BLOAT, HEATSTROKE, and SEIZURES in dogs.  Each student will learn, through a hands-on process, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a life-like dog manikin. Also, BLEEDING and WOUND CARE, including identifying SHOCK and responding appropriately, are an essential part of this class.  Also included is how to TRANSPORT your injured or hurt dog to an emergency veterinarian.  Based on many years of experience, the instructors for incorporate their teaching philosophy which emphasizes, more than anything, the need to plan for such emergencies long before they ever happen.


Who should attend: Highly recommended for Professional Dog Walkers, Groomers, Sitters, Pet Resort and Doggie Daycare Employees, and Pet Parents who are interested in a thorough education and certification lasting for 2 years.  This includes class materials and a 100-Page First Aid Guide book. 


Cost - $99 per student

There is No 9-1-1 For Dogs

2-Hour Seminar & Demonstration


This is a very fast paced 2-hour seminar with a CPR Demonstration.  See a life-like scenario and learn how to manage a crisis that your dog may be involved in.  This course will prepare you in the proper response in the event of Hyperthermia, Shock, Choking, Seizures, and how best to identify a very dangerous condition called Bloat.  We will also cover how to safely Transport your dog in such a condition to an emergency veterinarian.


Cost - $49 per student


Pooch Paramedic Academy

Instructor Training

The Academy is a comprehensive course that involves personal coaching, co-teaching with a instructor, personal mentoring and a 2-day intensive training.

It is ideal for Pet Parents, Groomers, Sitters, Day-Care Personnel, Walkers and Trainers.  It is a hands-on interactive course that not only teaches the basic first aid techniques but also teaches how to communicate to people in a class room setting and within scenario training.  Our teachers have 35 years experience in training the trainers and will give personal instruction to each and every student.

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